Be Sure to Regularly Maintain These Key Areas of the Home

key areas of home

The Duties Of A Homeowner

With the joys of owning a home also comes the responsibilities. Sure, you can have a fantastic barbeque in the backyard, but if you don’t regularly take care of your yard, you’ll be lucky if you can find your grill. You may want to take a nice and luxurious bath, but if you don’t have a handyman Western Springs IL take a look at the plumbing system regularly, the only thing you might be experiencing is a flooded basement.

To make sure your home lasts as long as it can, you should have a trusted handyman from Fuller’s Home & Hardware take a look at these key areas. With their expert care, your home will be able to face any demand you have of it.

  1. Plumbing

Whether you notice that the drain in your sink or tub just doesn’t seem to be taking down water … Read More

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Home Renovation Ideas with Low Cost (Part 2)

After we trace the tips one to seventh in previous article, now we proceed to the next tips :

7. Protect the leather of the sofa
Sofa is one of the furniture that is more easily damaged by intensive use because it is used every day. Leather sofas need to be treated in a certain way. Periodically, a special wax should be applied to the surface that will help protect the surface of the sofa and always make it look like new.

8. Creativity on the wall
The home wall bores you? Old photo frames leave signs that you don’t know how to delete them? Calm down, you don’t need expensive decorations, you can use wall stencils and stickers to decorate walls that make it more alive without spending a lot of money.

9. Practical and original hook
A simple, practical and inexpensive way to decorate your home in … Read More

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15 Home Renovation Ideas with Low Cost (Part 1)

Too often it falls into the mistake of thinking to renew the look of the house? The only way is to make a big investment. It’s hard to make small changes that can dramatically change the atmosphere of a home to increase comfort and functionality without having to spend a lot of money. In this idea book we collected 21 simple solutions that can change your home at affordable costs. Follow us and you will see that you can change and renew the house together.

  1. The beauty of wood

The doors and windows of your house will not deteriorate from time to time and always be in a perfect area. A very useful reason is to use special products to lubricate each window and door joint so that the opening and closing are always well lubricated and avoid disturbing noise.

  1. LED lights on the furniture base

Lighting is a key … Read More

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Tips on Simple Home Decor for a Simple & Comfortable Minimalist Style

Therefore, it is important for you to find out minimalist style tips and tricks before you decide to apply this theme to the home interior. Want to know what tips you can apply so that your minimalist home doesn’t feel boring?

Come on, see the information below.

1. For a sleek and clean look typical of a minimalist style, choose neutral colors that make the room feel comfortable
In a minimalist design, it is important for you to be able to adjust the color that is in the room of the house. Choose neutral colors that can give the impression of clean and sleek.

One of the best color choices for a minimalist design is white, gray, or black.

2. Give an accent to the wall of the house so it doesn’t look monotonous
Tips for Home Decoration, a Minimalist Style that is Simple & Comfortable,
Wall decoration in … Read More

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Tips for Efficient Recycling

More items are deemed as recyclables each year. This is good news for the waste industry and for the U.S. In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported the generation of 254 tons of waste by Americans. The good news, 87 tons of this was deemed as recyclable.

Reducing Your Waste

There are a number of benefits to recycling. First, you reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to the landfill. Not only does this help improve the environment but also allows you to reduce the size of your trash bin from places like County Sanitation. In turn, you save money.

Second, you help the economy. Businesses can purchase recycled materials for a lower cost. Thus, they have the potential to lower their own prices on products. In the end, everyone saves.

Proper Recycling

It may seem like you can throw all cardboard and glass into a recycling bin, … Read More

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