Home Renovation Ideas with Low Cost (Part 2)

After we trace the tips one to seventh in previous article, now we proceed to the next tips :

7. Protect the leather of the sofa
Sofa is one of the furniture that is more easily damaged by intensive use because it is used every day. Leather sofas need to be treated in a certain way. Periodically, a special wax should be applied to the surface that will help protect the surface of the sofa and always make it look like new.

8. Creativity on the wall
The home wall bores you? Old photo frames leave signs that you don’t know how to delete them? Calm down, you don’t need expensive decorations, you can use wall stencils and stickers to decorate walls that make it more alive without spending a lot of money.

9. Practical and original hook
A simple, practical and inexpensive way to decorate your home in a creative way represented by a choice of hooks for practical walls and original designs. A simple and inexpensive solution that allows you to provide accents and functions on the wall without spending a lot of money.

10. Polished and shine
This difference makes the house look like new and does not show signs of aging with the level of maintenance and care devoted to the wall, especially in the bathroom, especially in small bathrooms. Care and attention with cheap but very effective investments to ensure a fresh look at the house.

11. Fresh flowers
It is a simple and low cost solution that will allow you to give a natural touch to the rooms of your home without having to invest in impossible figures.

12. Stencils for walls
Stencils are easy and impactful solutions to decorate the walls of homes and in particular, as we see, for people in the bedroom.

13. Renewed lighting
As mentioned earlier, lighting is very important for a home. Then a low-cost intervention might be to introduce new lighting in space. The choice is very broad and does not have to be expensive. Indeed paper lamps and candles as we see can give a new look to the room without spending a lot of money.

14. Arrangements for cabinets
This idea is not much to do with renewing the appearance of the house and its settings. Cabinets are an important part of interior design, a way to ensure you don’t have unused space and create a functional and practical environment from the entrance to the bedroom.

15. Laundry basket
A very useful feature is the laundry basket, functional and decorative objects at the same time for a new touch at a small cost.