Safe Rooms: A Valuable Home Addition

Homeowners are in control of the security and protection they receive at their house, but sadly many protect themselves and those they love only against the minimal. What would happen if someone robbed you at gunpoint? What happens if a hurricane sweeps through the neighborhood? These are a few of the major disasters homeowners so often fail to prepare for. But, you can make a change, installing a brand new, custom-built safe room inside your home.

What is a Safe Room?

A safe room has many other names, including a panic room, bomb shelter, and emergency shelter. No matter your preferred name, the safe room protects you from man life-threatening dangers you’d otherwise be face-to-face with in an unfortunate event.

Safe rooms provide protection in many situations, including:

– Drive-by shootings/stray bullets

– Strong/damaging winds

– Tornadoes

– Hurricanes

– Flying debris

– Fire

– Nuclear attacks

– Bombs

– People/ Intruders/Burglars

The rooms are constructed from high-quality materials such as concrete, steel, and Kevlar, with additions including video cameras, air filtration systems, and communication equipment available for extra fees.

Since a safe room is custom built for your home, you can choose the size, shape, and design, as well as the features and functions of the room. Set a budget for your Saferoom, assured that you’ll find a builder to accommodate your every need.

Choosing a Safe Room Builder

A risk assessment is the first step in building a safe room in your home. When selecting your builder, ensure this is the first step in their building process. Choose a reputable company with both experience and longevity in the area. Ask friends, family, and co-workers for their recommendations and use the web to find and read reviews and other information. Request an estimate from the builder, comparing rates with three to four other companies to find the best rates and best service. Always choose a builder with professionalism, expertise, and an understanding of their customer. You aren’t getting a good deal for your safe room if the builder lets you down in every other aspect of your relationship. Compare your options before hiring, and you’ll find a builder worth your time.

Safe Room Benefits

Installing a safe room in your home is ideal regardless of the city/state you reside or the size of your home. With this installation, an assortment of benefits is yours to enjoy. Benefits of the safe room addition include:

– Use your safe room as storage space for guns, jewelry, gold, coins, and other keepsakes and valuables

– Emergency escape feature ensures you’re never trapped inside

– Peace of mind and confidence when you’re at home

– Array of options available to accommodate your needs

– Long-lasting durability

– Added value and ambiance to your home

– Installed with a warranty

– Safe

– Protection against many weather elements, including strong winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

– Fire proof