Tips for Efficient Recycling

More items are deemed as recyclables each year. This is good news for the waste industry and for the U.S. In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported the generation of 254 tons of waste by Americans. The good news, 87 tons of this was deemed as recyclable.

Reducing Your Waste

There are a number of benefits to recycling. First, you reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to the landfill. Not only does this help improve the environment but also allows you to reduce the size of your trash bin from places like County Sanitation. In turn, you save money.

Second, you help the economy. Businesses can purchase recycled materials for a lower cost. Thus, they have the potential to lower their own prices on products. In the end, everyone saves.

Proper Recycling

It may seem like you can throw all cardboard and glass into a recycling bin, but there is a science to it. If not prepared in the proper manner, some of your items can be rejected and distributed to the landfill. Or, it can cost more in man hours to make the products ready for reuse.

To help out, here are some tips for efficient recycling.

Boxes — Break apart or cut open boxes to flatten them. It makes it easier to place in the recycling bin and process. Do not recycle boxes with food stains. For instance, your pizza boxes, at least their bottoms, need to go in the trash.

Cans — Some disposal companies allow you to keep labels on your cans. However, to move things along, see if you can pull them off. In addition, rinse them prior to disposal. The benefit here is your recycling bin won’t smell as bad.

Glass — Like cans, wash these out as much as possible. In fact, the cleaner they are, the more you may want to recycle them for your own purposes.

Get your recycling questions answered when it comes to Pinellas County waste disposal. Speak to a representative of your trash company or view the guidelines on their website.