Useful tools for every house – which of them you should own?

Tools are an essential equipment of every house. Having them on hand, you may perform small repairs, refresh the interior or make small adjustments. Certainly, they affect the amount of time and money you save. There’s no need to call the professional, wait for his arrival and to pay him for his work. So, what useful tools for every house is it worth to own?

Basic tools, useful in every house

Your collection of useful tools for your house can not miss the screwdriver with replaceable tips. This tool has two major qualities – firstly, it allows you to save money, for one tool has a lot of tips for different purposes (also you can purchase some more, suitable to your needs). It’s definitely cheaper than purchasing a few new tools instead. Secondly – it saves a lot of space. The tips are small and don’t take much storage room, therefore it’s much easier to store them than the regular tools with handles. Another essential tool is a wrench. Using the wrench you are able to quickly deal with many hydraulic glitches. Every tinkerer and handy-man would agree it’s impossible not to have a hammer. Despite appearances, it has a much wider applicability than just sticking the nails into the wall in order to hang a picture. The best choice will be the rubber hammer that will cause no damage to the surface as the metal one would. Allen keys are very useful too. They come in a handy and practical set. Useful tools for every house are often being offered in form of practical sets. They prove their worth in everyday life very well. It is worth to also have pliers in your tool box.

Other useful accessories

Besides the typical useful tools for every house, it is worthwhile to equip yourself with different accessories helpful with repairs. You definitely need to purchase a measure tool. The most popular are automatically rolled up metal measure tapes or wooden ones, folded into the ruler size. To enlighten the repairs you perform you may use the portable lamp of strong light source. It will allow you to work after dusk and in dark places that the daylight cannot reach e.g. inside the locker under the sink or in the basement without any windows. The magnifying glass can be useful too. They come in many different variants and sizes, you can choose the big, solid one or a pocket-size one that looks just like a credit card. It is worth to own a strong isolating tape, helpful in case of need to manage any kind of glitch that requires the quick reaction.