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Ultimate Bed Guide 2017: Important Things to Consider When Buying a Bed Mattress

When it comes to buying a mattress replacement, it is really overwhelming choosing the right one with hundreds of model to choose from. It is important to choose the right materials which are high quality and durable because you will be using it almost every day for ten years. It is also crucial that you know the signs when you will need a new bed mattress because even a premium mattress may last up to ten years of supporting body weight, experiencing wear and tear.

One indicator that you need a bed mattress replacement is an obvious sagging as evidenced by breaking down of spring, softening of the memory foam, and compression of fibers and other materials. Lack of support can result from minor sags, so it is important to replace your mattress and do not wait for a crater to form in the middle of your bed mattress. Fo memory foam mattresses, they should get back to their original position after getting up but if the impression is already deeper than two inches, it is the perfect time to replace it. Mattress replacement is also needed if your memory foam becomes too soft or too hard because of temperature sensitivity because firmness change can wreak havoc to your good nights’ comfort and sleep. You also need bed mattress replacement if you see lumps as the padding within your mattress constantly shifts around, meaning that the density is uneven which doesn’t make a good body support. If you start feeling body aches when you get up in the morning, your mattress must be the culprit because of gradual softening and degradation of its materials, thus losing te mattress’ ability to provide crucial body support in vulnerable parts of the body like your low back, hips and neck.

When choosing a bed mattress, you should start considering the support it provides, which has something to do with the core of the mattress that may include foam, innerspring, latex and air-filled. If you want a bed that gives a bouncy feel, innerspring mattresses are ideal for you with metal coils ranging from 12 (firmest and thickest) to 18 (most compressible and thinnest) gauge. A memory foam mattress is recommended for those who want extra firmness because it is made of polyurethane core with lesser spring, so you can sit on it without budging or sinking of the topmost layer. You might consider buying a latex mattress for a little buoyancy, and some brands even have antimicrobial properties and other are resistant to mold as well as dust mites. You can also customize your mattress with a rubber chamber mattress or air-filled vinyl, that let you control how much air that goes inside.