15 Home Renovation Ideas with Low Cost (Part 1)

Too often it falls into the mistake of thinking to renew the look of the house? The only way is to make a big investment. It’s hard to make small changes that can dramatically change the atmosphere of a home to increase comfort and functionality without having to spend a lot of money. In this idea book we collected 21 simple solutions that can change your home at affordable costs. Follow us and you will see that you can change and renew the house together.

  1. The beauty of wood

The doors and windows of your house will not deteriorate from time to time and always be in a perfect area. A very useful reason is to use special products to lubricate each window and door joint so that the opening and closing are always well lubricated and avoid disturbing noise.

  1. LED lights on the furniture base

Lighting is a key aspect in every room of the house, in the kitchen even more decisive. The LED lighting system under furniture will guarantee exceptional lighting without much effort, enriching homes with unique characters.

  1. Clean and disinfect bathroom tiles

To rediscover the old grandeur of the bathroom, you don’t need a full renovation. Sometimes you only need to polish the tiles and the only investment needed is your time and the most suitable product to remove dirt, moisture, and restore the bathroom tile!

  1. Decorate with useful ones

Often there is a risk when we open the door to the furniture or door of the house, they often hit the wall and damage it. This problem is easily solved through objects such as in the following photo. Multifunctional, right?

  1. Change the doormat!

New look at the entrance to the house? This match starts with small things, like a doormat: a small fee that will allow you to make the entrance a little more comfortable. The house is cleaner!

  1. Protect furniture legs

Another solution that can be part of the space design is represented by foot protection furniture, both to protect tables, chairs, sofas, and to introduce small decorations.

  1. Protect the leather of the sofa

Sofa is one of the furniture that is more easily damaged by intensive use because it is used every day. Leather sofas need to be treated in a certain way. Periodically, a special wax should be applied to the surface that will help protect the surface of the sofa and always make it look like new.

  1. Creativity on the wall

The home wall bores you? Old photo frames leave signs that you don’t know how to delete them? Calm down, you don’t need expensive decorations, you can use wall stencils and stickers to decorate walls that make it more alive without spending a lot of money.