Has a natural color and pattern.
Featuring an elegant and luxurious impression.
Provide a dynamic impression.
Has a length x width which is great.

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    It took special care to keep it looking bright.
Easily scratched by hard objects, such as scratched as a result of heavy objects are moved, the friction shoe leather soles are sand carried from outside the home.
When exposed to water, oil or drinks will be easily absorbed by the marble, causing spots / dirty difficult to clean. Therefore, do not let these objects which spilled over the floor of this marble.
Prices are relatively more expensive.
Installation more difficult, must adjust colors and patterns of each sheet Marble will be installed to match the marble slabs.
Need finishing touch after installation.
Motifs, patterns and colors are limited.



    Easy in installation.
Does not require final finishing work.
Motif, style, color and size vary.
Prices are relatively cheaper.
More resistant to scratches due to hard objects.
Resistant to spill water or drinks

Easy in maintenance.


It took the floor pattern design planning well and in accordance with the design of the house, so the house can look elegant.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each floor, now live where you choose flooring that suit the tastes and needs of your home. May be useful.