Short Course on Flooring – Covering The Basics

How to Select Hardwood Floors Opting for the best plank flooring for the home can be hard because the person has to consider the size and cost of the house and most homeowners opt not to use wooden planks because tiles have become more affordable and a better choice of flooring material. There are vinyl materials that look like tiles and can be arranged on the floor the way tiles are typically arranged, and they come in so many great tones and shades thus it can be hard getting the right fit. Hardwood tree types that are used in flooring vary in durability, color, and pattern but oak, cherry, and marble are the most common species due to their hardness whereas exotic woods like mahogany and Brazilian cherry is not that durable, but it is used because it has a very striking appearance. Most of these tree species are exported from South America especially in the Amazon forest in Brazil, and they are quite cost friendly thus the buyer has to make sure that they can afford them even before they buy them. Hardwood colors range from blond to black depending on the tree species and the kind of finish, and the color of the floor affects the color of household items like curtains and decoration accessories, and the person recommends avoiding sharp colors like red or dull, lifeless colors.
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It is good to note that wood flooring materials vary in hardness and in a house that has pets and kids it is a good idea to select the hardest wood species possible such as soft red oak that can withstand wear and tear and avoid more delicate species like pine that can show scratches. The choice between engineered and solid hardwood floors will be determined by the subfloor, location, and the preferred installation technique but the person needs to remember that solid hardwood floors can be damaged if they have kids and pets. Scratches by puppies, dings from the accidental dropping off toys by kids and even coloring on the floor are things that can damage the floors but they can be fixed, and the floor can be sanded out and refinishing done over them.
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In spite of the kind of hardwood that the person selects preventive care, proper maintenance and polishing can keep the floor looking great for years, but the person also has to remember how much it costs to replace cracked pieces on the wooden floor. Plank flooring is a cheaper option to replace and refurbish if the plank is damaged or cracked and in addition, the person can trim the nails on the pests and place carpet runners in high-traffic areas of the home.