The Latest Interior Design Trends that can be found in Hotels all over the World

While interior design features like spacious living quarters and comfortable beds will always be a staple in hotel interior design, many modern touches are being featured in hotels all over the world. These features are reshaping the amenities and luxuries that hotel-goers are expecting a quality hotel to have. Here’s a list of the most popular and sought-after modern interior design features being seen in hotels.

  1. Hotel lobbies that feature multiple functions and are tech friendly: hotel lobbies are becoming a mixture a posh lounge meets an upscale shared workspace. Additionally, many of them have charging stations for your high-tech items such as your tablet or cell phone.
  2. Bathrooms with Spa like features: everything from Spa tables bathtubs with Jacuzzi jets you are being featured in modern hotels.
  3. Having an on-site restaurant that is a popular destination in and of itself: because cooking is an art and because foodie culture has popularized many upscale eateries is it’s important to have a restaurant has the famous reputation all of its own.
  4. Featuring the work of local artists throughout the hotel: art has always been a big part of the interior design of hotels, but now modern designs are kicking it up a notch by featuring local artists.
  5. High-tech amenities and apps: many hotel rooms now feature smart rooms the where you can control everything from the lights to the temperature of the Jacuzzi all from your cell phone or an iPad that they provide.
  6. Having a lush amount of green outdoor space: hotels have taken the green movement to heart and now feature many rooftop gardens and other outdoor spaces that showcase natural beauty.
  7. Decadent rooftop accommodations.
  8. Fewer patterns and more solid colors and varying textures.
  9. More shared spaces all geared toward a cultural center design.
  10. Mixed metal fixtures.

Now that you know some of the most sought-after modern interior design features in hotels be sure to take these amenities into consideration before choosing your next hotel. And when it comes time to book your next hotel be sure to visit