Tips on Creating a Home More Cooler with Solar Air Cooler

The dry season has arrived, some people complain that feels hot and the air dries. Especially in some states, many people then decide to buy a solar air cooler to make the room cooler and more comfortable.

Well, the next risk that must be borne is skyrocketing electricity usage. There are indeed many outstanding solar water coolers with low wattage. If you can reduce electricity consumption while saving the budget to buy equipment, why not?

Then, is there an alternative way to make the room feel cooler? Well, here are six tips for cooling the room without air

1. Choose the right paint color.

Maybe you forgot realizing, that the choice of paint colors for your room can give a certain effect. If you choose a dark room paint, of course, your room will feel more crowded.

Therefore, choose the colors of paint that can brighten the room. Colors like soft pastel blue, light green, or yellow pastel can present a calm and cool sensation for people in the room.

2. Pay Attention to Air Circulation in Ventilation

Of course, air circulation has a crucial role to create a cool room atmosphere. For rooms that are equipped with air cooler, ventilation becomes necessary. If there is no adequate ventilation, the air circulating in the room will be unexchanged with outside air.

If you want to create ventilation, create cross ventilation. Namely, vents that are in opposite directions. This allows air to flow from the inside out or vice versa smoothly, without having to linger in the room. But if you do not allow ventilation, at a minimum, you can try using a Solar air cooler. Vankool’s solar air cooler is proven to be able to make the air cooler. For those of you who want to buy the latest Solar water cooler products from Vankool, you need to watch the following video.

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3. Don’t put a lot of stuff in the room.

Rooms that are too much stuff, besides looking crowded, also make the room feel less comfortable. The more items placed in the room. The more dust accumulates and settles. If these items are unused too often or are unimportant, place them elsewhere.

4. Placement of the right window

With the window in the room, in addition to being a means of air circulation, it can also be a way for sunlight to enter freely.

If you are currently doing building construction, consider not placing the glass in the sunrise position. When the sun rises, you can feel the heat of the room immediately.

But if it can’t be tampered with, to outsmart it, just install a thick enough curtain. This is useful to keep out incoming sunlight. And if it’s not too hot, leave the window open and the wind in.

You can also install a layer of film on your window. A little expensive, but quality window film can also block UV rays. So, you can simultaneously reduce the chance of getting skin cancer.

5. Turn off the lights or buy a lamp with a small wattage

Any type of lamp certainly releases heat energy with its light. Lights turned on constantly will cause the room to feel hotter.

When not in use, you should just turn off the room lights. But if you are uncomfortable with the atmosphere of a dark room, take advantage of a table lamp that is not too bright or a lamp with a small wattage.

If you currently use CFL’s or fluorescent lamps, you need to know that incandescent lamps can convert about 90 percent of the electricity they consume into heat energy.

Therefore, reducing the use of incandescent lamps will make a small difference in cooling the house. A little, but still meaningful.

You can also try using fluorescent lamps, which can use up less energy. Also, fluorescent lamps are more durable than older models. Indeed, the initial price is more expensive, but given the reduced electricity consumption and more durable you are saving.

6. Maximize the fan direction.

There is a simple trick using a fan, so the room feels cooler. If the normal way, aka direct the fan directly toward the body, it will cool the body for a moment. However, this method can make you catch a cold. Especially if your fan is dusty. Of course, more unhealthy.

If you want to feel the cool air in the room as a whole, point the fan at the wall opposite your body. This can create better air circulation, and cold air flows smoothly throughout the room.

You can also buy air cooler at Vankool. You do this by using a basin and ice. Fill the basin with ice cubes. Afterward, place the ice-filled basin in front of the fan. Thus, the cool air from ice can spread throughout the room.

Well, that’s just a few things you can do to make the rooms and houses feel cooler. Some you can do yourself, some need the help of a professional technician.