Washing Machine repair tips and Ideas

Washing machine is neither a difficult machine nor its repairing is complicated. Although it sounds one, it isn’t. These machines have simple technology inside. With only few simple steps and basic tools you can fix the problem without calling the technicians and paying them large amount of money. Although you cannot fix every problem of your machine, 90% of problems can be catered with just basic steps and tools. However, if you still can’t repair, call the good services to repair your machine. In San Pedro, repair centers offer a green way to deal with your appliances. Appliance repair services in San Pedro are quite reliable and they fix your machine in a very less time with a warranty.

Tips to fix the washing machine:

Basic tools for the fixation of washing machine includes a socket set, nut drivers, flashlight, basic grabbing pliers, needle nose pliers and a set of screwdrivers. If you want to test the washer components where you feel any trouble, use multimeter so that you can test ohms and voltage that is essential. Repair can take less than an hour if you do with full concentration.

Before you start to repair your washing machine, make sure that the power is disconnected, water supply to washer is turned off and water hoses are removed. In order to avoid any water spillage during a repair, use towels and put them around the washer’s bottom. This tip will also protect your floor from being scraped and damaged. Bucket, mop and rags are also recommended to be used during water spillage.

Tips to do when washer is not working properly:

  1. If your washer isn’t working, make sure that it is properly plugged in. First you need to know that the problem is, either in switch board, in switch or in the machine.
  2. If all the electrical power things are alright and water is not entering the machine, check out the valves. Your machine consists of two valves, cold and hot. Even if you use only one valve, it is important that both valves should be open otherwise your machine won’t work. If water is entering the machine but the procedure is very slow, it’s the sign that valves needs to be more open.
  3. If water valves are open but still washer is not filling, then maybe there is a clog in the filter screen. In this case, you need to clean it but unplugging the machine.
  4. If the washer is filling the water but not spinning, inspect the lid switch or maybe door latch.
  5. If the washing machine is causing problem in draining of water, check the drain pump or the drain hose.